Private Fee Guide

Here at Smile Dental Care, we believe in providing a choice of reliable and accessible NHS dentistry and expert, high quality and affordable private dental care.

Whatever your treatment requirements and budget, we have a complete choice of treatments to help maintain and make the most of your smile.

General Dental Care

New patient private dental exam
from £45.00
Routine private dental exam
from £35.00
Routine hygiene treatment
from £48.00
Standard extraction
from £90.00
Surgical extraction
from £120.00
Sedation for nervous patients
from £275.00

Restorative Treatments

Gold inlay or onlay
from £198.00
Porcelain inlay or onlay
from £198.00
White filling (small)
from £90.00
White filling (medium)
from £100.00
White filling (large)
from £130.00
Porcelain bonded crown
from £350.00
All ceramic crown
from £450.00
Bridge (per unit)
from £300.00

Cosmetic Treatments

Teeth Whitening
from £300.00
Dental Veneer (per unit)
from £400.00
Invisalign® Consultation
Invisalign® lite
from £1995.00
Invisalign® full
from £3795.00

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Clinical Review
from £95.00
Including small intra-oral x-rays & may be redeemed against the cost of treatment
Implant surgical placement
from £1500.00
Multiple implant surgical placement (per unit)
from £1100.00
Implant retained complete crown
from £1500.00
Implant retained bridge (3 units)
from £3000.00

Denture Treatments

Partial denture (acrylic)
from £350.00
Partial chrome cobalt denture (metal)
from £450.00
Full dentures (acrylic)
from £700.00