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Social Responsibility

Bridge2Aid (Bronze Partner)

  • Across the developing world, people live in inescapable, excruciating pain because they lack access to emergency dental care. But we are working hard to change that. The ultimate goal of Bridge2Aid is to enable training in emergency dental care for Health Care Workers in all remote rural communities of developing countries. Our vision is a world free from dental pain. By eliminating pain and suffering we can improve both quality of life and livelihoods in a growing number of communities in the developing world.

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Smile Star

  • As a UK based charity, Smile Star was set up with the aim of providing free, quality dental care to disadvantaged communities in poor regions of Africa and India as well as ex-Royal Marines in the UK. Already, the charity has been able to improve the dental health of hundreds of people across Uganda, Kenya and India. A charity hospital has been set up in Gujarat in North West India which treats general patients as well as dental treatment and services also extend to eye surgery. SmileStar is organizing dental expedition in conjunction with Smile Dental Dare in Tanzania in July 2022.

Mouth Cancer Foundation

  • The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a professional support organisation solely dedicated to helping people with mouth, throat and other head and neck cancers deal with the crisis of cancer. Through a variety of ways the charity gives resources, information and contact with people in a similar situation at a difficult time. Every year at Smile Dental Care we take part in the Mouth Cancer Awareness Walk to raise the profile of mouth cancer amongst the patients in our practices, as well as to fundraise for such an important cause. At Smile Dental Care we always invite applications for support from charities and support groups in our local communities. For more information, please contact the Practice Manager at your nearest Smile Dental Care practice.
Mouth Cancer Foundation Logo

Team Teeth Programme

  • The Teeth Team Programme aims to improve the dental health of local children. As participating practices, we provide dentists/ therapists to go into local school’s annually to check children’s teeth and apply fluoride varnish every six months. For more information, please click here »

Virtual Marathon World Record

  • Dentist Shishir Yadav, of Bishopdown Farm Dental Practice in Salisbury and Smile Dental Care in Eastleigh, is proud to have been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records for taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon (UK) on 4 October 2020 and therefore contributing to a record for the most people (37,966) to run a remote marathon in 24 hours.