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Teeth brushing mishaps you might want to avoid

31 Dec

Even if you maintain a regular oral health regime there could be a chance that your brushing technique is causing unexpected issues.

Here we look at some of the most common mistakes we make when cleaning our teeth that can be easily fixed by adjusting our brushing routine.

Clean every tooth

It is important to clean and polish every tooth in order to clear away debris, but often greater focus is given to the teeth at the front of the mouth. Dentists advise that we always make sure to brush the teeth at the back of the jaw and ensure that the front, back and top surface of each tooth is given equal attention on both the top and bottom layer of teeth.    

Avoid overbrushing

Though it is important to brush our teeth thoroughly, excessive brushing is likely to cause more harm than good. Overbrushing can cause advanced erosion to the enamel lining of our teeth and can also aggravate issues with our gums, including bleeding and even recession.   

Brush your tongue

Although it is rarely the most enjoyable experience it is important to brush your tongue as part of your oral health routine. Germs and food debris can collect around the tongue in the same way as they do around teeth, so it’s vital that this build up is cleared regularly. 

Remember to floss

Even with the best brushing technique it can be difficult to remove debris that can collect in between the teeth, so flossing is highly recommended. This quick and easy process assures that the mouth is thoroughly cleaned and that the teeth and gums are better protected from plaque build-up.  

Check your toothbrush

As a toothbrush gets older it usually becomes more ineffective when brushing and less capable of cleaning and polishing the teeth. Look to change your brush every 2 to 3 months or as soon as you notice that the bristles have become misshapen or discoloured.  

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